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The Science Behind Fresh Flowers And Happiness

When you order flowers online, you get a chance to provide somebody with a beautiful visual arrangement and amazing scents. But giving flowers is about more than that. It’s about sharing a moment. It’s about creating a memory. And it’s about bringing smiles to the faces of the friends and family you love.

We know that receiving fresh flowers is a great feeling. But did you know there is proof to back this up?! Read on to learn more about scientific evidence that proves receiving flowers can improve your emotional and mental state.

The Rutgers tests
The Society of American Florists conducted research at several universities to try to get to the bottom of just what happens when people receive flowers.

One test, run by researchers at Rutgers University, delivered one of three different presents (flowers, candles and fruit) to participants who had taken a survey about their mood. The reaction of the participants was observed and recorded. Each participant that received flowers smiled fully, whereas some that got candles and fruit were less enthusiastic. Three days later, the participants took the mood test again. Those receiving flowers showed better moods on the second test.
Another test saw a man waiting in an elevator. He gave those that entered either a flower, a pen or nothing. Those that received flowers were more outgoing and willing to stand near the man and talk to him.

Finally, women living in a retirement home were surveyed about their mood and then given different amounts of flowers over the course of two weeks. Then they were surveyed about their mood again. Those that received more flowers showed a higher increase in mood.
The results of the Rutgers tests show that flowers:

  • Impact happiness almost immediately
  • Have meaningful impacts on moods
  • Can lessen levels of depression and anxiety and improve life enjoyment
  • Help grow relationships and intimacy between humans

Other tests and results
Other studies back up the Rutgers tests and show us that flowers can have great influence on those that receive them.

A study by Harvard University also showed that flowers improved participants’ moods, helping them feel less negative after having flowers in their homes. Researchers also reported that participants had increased mental and physical energy.
The great benefits weren’t confined to the home, either. A study at Texas A&M University showed that workers operating in locations that featured flowers and plants generated more ideas and showed increased problem solving skills.

Put it to the test
One way to see the effects of flowers in action is to use them as a gift for new baby arrival.

Things can get pretty crazy for new mums and dads when a child is born. One small thing you can do to send them some fresh flowers. This lets them know you’re thinking of them and are happy for the baby’s arrival and also evokes the feelings found in the studies. Ordering fresh flowers online and giving them to new parents can help lessen their feelings of being worn down and make them feel happy. As an added bonus, the flowers can help clean the air the baby is breathing, too.

Giving new parents a fresh arrangement of sunflowers or a lovely bouquet of lilies can be a perfect way to see the amazing impacts of flowers in action. Check out all the great options available from Fresh Flowers and put a smile on somebody’s face today!

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