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Flowers and Food

Tips For Pairing Flowers With Food And Wine

Having friends over for dinner, celebrating an anniversary, or simply wanting to make mealtime bit more special for your family is one of the many fantastic occasions for which it is a great idea to order fresh flowers online. But with so many great types of flowers to choose from, how do you know which ones go best with that delicious dish you’re planning to serve up or that bottle of wine you’re ready to uncork? Let Fresh Flowers help! Here are a few great ideas to keep in mind when you are trying to pair flowers and food.

Carnations and Spanish food

The national flower of Spain is the carnation, so it only makes sense to match these beauties with a scrumptious Spanish dish. The bright oranges and pinks will look great alongside plates overflowing with warm, yellow paella or a collection of carefully crafted tapas dishes.

Sunflowers and viognier

Sunflowers are beautiful plants that can have a variety of uses and interesting characteristics. One of these great characteristics is their bright, sunny look and feel. Since sunflowers bring a cheery, airy quality to any environment in which they reside, they are a perfect complement to the crisp taste and great colour found in viognier wine. Serve some up along with an arrangement of sunflowers on a pleasant summer afternoon or evening.

Roses and meat and red wine

The full-bodied, deep colour of a tremendous collection of red roses represents one of the most powerful statements you can make when you order flowers online. Such an arrangement goes perfectly with a hearty, full-bodied dinner. Fresh roses are a great partner for a steak and a glass of your favourite red wine, especially if there’s romance in the air.

Gerberas and champagne

Gerberas provide bright bursts of colour that can enliven any hosting space. Champagne offers the same burst, only in the form of flavour. The fizzy sensation that comes with your favourite bottle of bubbles pairs perfectly with an arrangement of vibrant gerberas. Have both make an appearance at your next celebration.

Ready to take your enjoyment of your favourite food and drink to the next level? Fresh Flowers can deliver amazing arrangements to many of the most popular locations in Australia, including Newcastle, SydneyPerthBrisbaneMelbourne and their surrounding areas. If you want to bring that special touch to your next meal, order flowers online and get ready for great complementary benefits.

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