> Top 5 Flower Arrangements That Say I’m Sorry

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Top 5 Flower Arrangements That Say I'm Sorry

Buying someone flowers is a great way to say you’re sorry. Whether you’re sorry they are leaving their job and moving on to pastures new, whether you’re sorry they’re sick and you hope they get better, or whether you are sorry for their loss of someone special. Flowers can also help you atone for past sins, helping you say sorry to your partner or loved ones – with the correct amount of verbal apologies as well, of course!

I’m sorry you’re leaving
Whether you’re the boss or a devoted co-worker, buying flowers for someone who is leaving their job is a lovely touch. Try to choose something bright and cheerful, that reflects the brightness of their future and the cheerfulness they have brought to the workplace. These sunshine lilies would certainly do the trick! Check out our Thank You flowers for more inspiration.

I’m sorry you’re sick
Often when you are feeling sick, a beautiful bouquet of flowers does wonders to lift your spirits. If you know someone that is ill, injured or having to spend time in hospital, take a look at our Get Well flowers to find a bouquet that will cheer them up. Try to choose flowers that are not only cheerful, but match their personality as well. If they love simple, classic flowers, try an orchid or lilies. If they love wild flowers, opt for a bouquet like the one below.
I’m sorry for your loss

While nothing can take away the pain of losing someone special, knowing that friends and family are thinking of you can make it somewhat easier. Let them know that you are thinking of them with the perfect bouquet from our Sympathy flowers selection. As with any flower selection, choose the bouquet that reflects the occasion and the recipient’s personality, to make it clear you put thought into your choice. This lily, orchid and rose collection is a beautiful choice.

I’m sorry I forgot your birthday/our anniversary/Valentine’s Day
What better way to ask for forgiveness than with flowers? Whether you forgot your partner’s birthday, your anniversary or even Valentine’s Day, finding the right bouquet of flowers can help you begin to make amends. Red roses, such as the bouquet below, are always a classic gesture – but be sure to choose flowers that your partner will appreciate and enjoy. Spend some time on your choice and your apology, and the gesture will likely be taken much more seriously. Take a look at our Love & Romance flowers for more inspiration.

I’m sorry I messed up
Whatever you did, whether you forgot to feed the neighbour’s goldfish while they she was away on holiday, or you missed dinner with the in-laws because of work, atoning for your mistakes always works better with flowers! Choose a bouquet that aptly reflects your apology – and the recipient. Our Thinking of You flowers can be a good place to start, or if you want to say sorry to your significant other, say so with our Lots of Love bouquet.

Whether you’re looking for flowers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, we can help you say you’re sorry!

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