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Rainbow Rose

What is a Rainbow Rose and What Does it Mean?

If you’re looking for a floral gift that’s bright, beautiful and sure to bring joy, rainbow roses are a perfect choice. With their stunning and vibrant mix of colours, they’re sure to put an instant smile on the face of anyone who is lucky enough to receive them.

Also known as happy roses or kaleidoscope roses, these unique flowers are memorable for all the right reasons. Rainbow roses feature a beautiful mix of vividly coloured petals on each bloom and make a joyful gift for both young and old for almost any special occasion.

Here, we’ll share the story behind the creation of these happy roses and explain what they mean so you can choose the right moment to gift them to a loved one.

Are Rainbow Roses Real?

Despite the claims of some online sellers, rainbow roses are not something you can grow from seed in your garden! So what exactly is a rainbow rose? They are essentially cut roses complete with fragrance, but with petals that are artificially coloured to create a stunning and beautiful kaleidoscope of colours on each individual flower. Most rainbow roses have pink, blue, yellow, orange and green hues.

What Are the Origins of Rainbow Roses?

The concept for creating kaleidoscope roses was developed by Peter van de Werken, a flower grower from the Netherlands. When sales of single coloured flowers in his nursery slowed down, he was inspired to try something new.

Drawing from his background in science, he began experimenting with colouring flowers using natural dyes. He trialled spraying first, before switching to coloured dyes in water. After about 6 months of fine-tuning the process, the method was perfected. Since production first began back in 2005, millions of rainbow roses have been shipped across the globe!

How Are Rainbow Roses Made?

Rainbow Roses

Using a white or cream coloured rose (the Dutch Vendela variety is the preferred choice), the stem is carefully cut into sections. Each separate part of the stem is then put in a different vase of water with a carefully selected coloured dye added. As the rose soaks up and drinks the water, the petals take in the dye. The water evaporates, the dye remains, and the petals are transformed into bright and beautiful colours. The process takes between 12 and 24 hours and although it could be used to create any colours (except black and white), the original happy rose features the seven colours of the rainbow.

The process of using dyes to create colours on cut flowers that are not found in nature is not new, with blue roses being one of the first and most common examples. The method can also be used to colour carnations, hydrangeas, orchids and chrysanthemums.

What is the Special Meaning of Rainbow Coloured Roses?

With their vibrant, multicoloured petals, rainbow roses mean happiness and joy. The kaleidoscope of colours brings an immediate sense of brightness and fun which makes them the ultimate flower to celebrate happy moments such as birthdays, anniversaries or a new baby.

When you give flowers as a gift, it’s important to understand the meaning behind your choice of colour. Each rose colour has its own unique meaning – for example, red symbolises love and romance, light pink expresses affection and admiration and white conveys purity or sympathy.

When Should You Give Rainbow Roses?

Rainbow roses make a great gift for friends and family and add sparkle and joy to special days. Here are some of the occasions where a happy rose is an ideal way to celebrate, congratulate or give thanks.

Birthdays: What better way to say happy birthday to a special someone than with a bunch of happy roses! Whether they are turning 21 or 101, the bright and vivid colours will add to the fun and festive atmosphere of any birthday celebration.

Mother’s Day: Our mums deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day, so if you’re looking for something that’s extra special, kaleidoscope roses are sure to brighten her day. Pair them with a simple gift like her favourite chocolates and champagne for a complete treat.

Anniversaries: While red roses are always romantic, why not send something a little different and gift rainbow roses for your next anniversary? It’s a unique and memorable way to say I love you.

New Baby: Welcome the latest addition to your family or group of friends with the gorgeous colours of the rainbow. A bunch of happy roses will brighten up the hospital room and is the perfect way to congratulate mum and dad on their new baby!

Graduation: Show your daughter, son, niece, nephew or other important person who has recently graduated how proud you are of their hard work with the spectacular colours of rainbow roses. Congratulate them with a bunch of these colourful blooms for an extra special and memorable gift.

Give the Gift of a Rainbow Today

If you want to brighten someone’s day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more memorable and joyous gift than a bunch of happy rainbow roses in a bouquet, arrangement or a classy presentation box. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or giving a gift to a loved one just because, a delivery of rainbow roses is sure to make them smile.

If you need some help choosing the perfect flowers for a special person in your life, contact our friendly and helpful team for expert advice.


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