> Why Housewarming Plant Gifts are a Great Idea

Housewarming Plant Gift

Why Housewarming Plant Gifts are a Great Idea

Moving into a new home is an emotional and exciting time regardless of whether one is an owner or tenant. So if you’re invited to a housewarming party, try not to dampen your hosts’ new adventure with an impersonal gift card!


Choose potted plants as housewarming gifts instead. They are beautiful and eco-friendly, fit almost any decor, and make the recipient feel special! The best part with plants is that you have a wide variety to choose from based on whether the new resident is a green thumb or not.

Tips on Choosing a Suitable Plant as a Present

Right from exquisite phalaenopsis orchids to luxuriant succulent gardens in a pot, you have an array of plants that make wonderful presents. But like any other kind of housewarming gift, there’s always a chance that your green gift could go wrong.


The best way to avoid an embarrassing misfit is by considering a few basic points:

  • Will it appeal to the hosts’ aesthetic sensibilities? For instance, if the recipient loves bright colours, consider buying a pot of deep purple phalaenopsis orchids.

  • Is the recipient allergic to certain plants? An online search will tell you more about plants and the allergies they could trigger.

  • How much time would they have to care for the potted plant? If they’re busy urban professionals, think along the lines of succulents as they’re hardy and require minimal watering.


It’s a good idea to answer these questions so you can walk into the party confident that your plant gift will be appreciated and treasured!

It’s Now Time to Pick the Best Green Gift!



From kitchens to living rooms, and bathrooms to balconies, plants have the extraordinary ability to turn even the barest of rooms into a warm, welcoming space. What better attribute than this to qualify them as the most appropriate housewarming gift.

Here are our top plant picks to take to a housewarming party:


Don’t let the delicate appearance of orchids deceive you into thinking that they’re meant for seasoned gardeners. Not only are potted orchids easy to care for, but they also add heaps of character to any space they adorn.


Presentation tip: Make a timeless statement by presenting orchids in a basic glass vase to let the blooms do all the talking.


Kitchen Herbs

If your host loves cooking (or eating, for that matter!), opt for potted herbs to elicit loads of appreciation for your gift. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and oregano last longer and blend with several different types of cuisines.


Presentation tip: A set of three or more potted herbs in neutral-coloured pots sit pretty on any kitchen benchtop. Accompany these with a floral bouquet to impress!


Indoor Succulents

From beautifying those awkward corners to proudly gracing coffee tables or bookshelves, there are perhaps as many creative ways to place succulents as there are succulent varieties! These gifts are surprisingly easy to care for as well.


Presentation tip: A simple ceramic pot brimming with multiple indoor succulent varieties makes for an attractive gift.




Order housewarming gifts the smart way!


If you’re still keen on picking that gift card because it’s “convenient”, you probably haven’t tried ordering plants online from Fresh Flowers. Our expert florists have a carefully curated line of potted plants ready to be delivered looking fresh and luscious.


We also encourage you to browse through our range of gift hampers to add a delightful dash of indulgence to your gift. Or contact us directly to buy plants online and we’ll happily recommend the right housewarming present!


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