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Your Guide To The Kings Park Festival

September is a fantastic time of year for those who love flowers around Australia, with multiple fantastic events taking place to welcome the arrival of spring. The Kings Park Festival presents a wonderful opportunity to get outside with friends and family to see beautiful flowers in Western Australia. Read on to learn a bit more about this great gathering.

Where and when
The Kings Park Festival runs from 1-30 September in Kings Park and Botanic Garden, also known as the Western Australian Botanic Garden, on the western edge of the Perth CBD next to the Swan River.

The festival, which first took place in 1965, honours the amazing local flowers found in Western Australia. Every species seen at the event is native to the area. This fantastic collection of species is in part due to the staff at the Western Australian Botanic Garden’s commitment to conservation and horticultural research.

First and foremost, the Kings Park Festival is about the flowers. The park and garden produces all of its own seeds and plants, with more than 30,000 produced for this year’s event by the nursery. The beginning of spring is a perfect time to enjoy everything it has to offer. Each year the festival highlights a feature garden, with this year’s edition putting emphasis on the Botanic Terraces. The area, which was planted in October 2015, is in full bloom and contains plants native to the Mallee, Mulga and desert regions of Western Australia. There is also an annual feature flower. The 2016 festival is putting special emphasis on the Black Kangaroo Paw, which naturally can be found growing on the plains between Perth and Geraldton. Special care has been taken to have them looking their best for the festival! Want some guidance as you check out everything there is to see and do? There are dozens of walks and talks taking place throughout the month that give you in-depth information regarding different types of plants as well as the park itself.

Besides all of the amazing floral displays to enjoy, the Kings Park Festival features fantastic exhibits focusing on the heritage of Western Australia, with art exhibits, memorials and other displays that are as educational as they are interesting.
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